Azazel is rooting to possess Sam in order to win, and individually spoke so you’re able to Sam in his ambitions to offer him reassurance

Azazel is rooting to possess Sam in order to win, and individually spoke so you’re able to Sam in his ambitions to offer him reassurance

Weeks after, Azazel kidnapped Sam and many other things Special People to have them battle one another to your passing, and take the fresh new champ once the chief out of his demon military. Sam was killed within the race by Jake Talley, however, is in the near future resurrected by Dean’s manage a good crossroads demon, anything Azazel thanked Dean to have. When Azazel threatened so you’re able to kill Dean once more, Sam attempted to help save his cousin however, was pinned to an excellent forest, forced to check out once the Azazel indicated the fresh new Colt so you can Dean’s direct.

Finally, it absolutely was John whom aided Dean play the brand new devil and you may avenge won’t discover up to many years later on one to Azazel got ordered Brady so you can eliminate Jessica, and you may owing to Lucifer, Sam would discover the number of people Azazel had owned to view more than Sam. Each one of these demons as well as their computers were slain by Sam himself, hence finish Sam’s link with Azazel permanently.

Years later, Sam read what type of devil Azazel was away from Crowley and you will Castiel. He had been surprised to learn just how effective the newest Princes off Hell were.

Benny Lafitte [ ]

Whenever Dean came back out of Purgatory, the guy purposefully remaining Benny out-of Sam, anything Sam is actually angry regarding when he discovered. Benny and you will Sam basic came across shortly after Dean and you may Benny got down Benny’s dated nest and you can Sam involved let. Sam instantaneously knew Benny is a vampire and simply refrained out-of attacking on account of Dean. Perhaps on account of his own bad expertise in supposedly redeemed beasts, Sam would not trust Benny and yelled within Dean to have usually throwing-in their deal with that he never ever tried to save your self him, pointing out his Benny magic. The guy in addition to threatened which he you’ll eventually kill Benny and you will sent Martin Creaser to trace him.

Gadreel [ ]

If this looked Benny is eliminating again, Sam wished to search your off instantly, but did offer Dean time to strive to find out the details. Despite this, Sam refused to accept it and you will sided with only given up brand new take a look immediately following Dean faked a disquiet text off Amelia. The guy afterwards forced Dean to choose ranging from him and you may Benny, proclaiming that where they would come in tomorrow depended for the that and Dean chose Sam. Later, when Sam was involved in the Purgatory having Bobby’s soul, he was astonished observe Benny, which conserved him and you may Bobby. Even after their distrust out of Benny, Sam performed avoid Bobby out of attacking immediately, calling Benny a good “buddy” off Dean’s, regardless of if he was definitely not thrilled to discover your.

Each other Benny and you can Sam pointed out the irony of the reality that Benny is actually protecting Sam, exactly who desired to destroy your. Not surprisingly, perhaps getting his rely upon Dean knowing what he had been creating, Sam at the very least hesitantly trusted Benny and you can lead them to the fresh webpage away. Sam also given Benny a drive away, but Benny decided to sit trailing, both once the the guy not any longer felt like he belonged on earth and also to cover Sam from a team of vampires who were coming in. Expertise that it, Sam gave him his Purgatory Knife. He advised Dean from his future, as well as the simple fact that the guy don’t imagine Benny might have came back in any event.

Benny’s tips within the Purgatory eventually acquired your Sam’s faith and you will enjoy, incase the guy found that Dean hidden Benny’s remains as opposed to consuming them, he advised Dean he in the long run realized you to Benny was different and you will commit to come and then leave the doorway open to bring your back later.

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