Christina escaped on the palace about Arbor faction and you can questioned him so you can escort their so you’re able to Rodania

Christina escaped on the palace about Arbor faction and you can questioned him so you can escort their so you’re able to Rodania

Whenever Rio secretly check outs Beltrum cuatro years later on, he regrets he was not indeed there when Celia are compelled to get the brief stack of your governmental blogs going on regarding kingdom and you may desires know the girl correct thinking off the woman relationship after creeping into the their heavily protected place. Even with Rio’s insistence she says to Rio to go and never attend her procession to which Rio hesitantly welcomes. Shortly after meeting more info in regards to the wedding and mastering you to Celia has been put since the a compromise, Rio disrupts the fresh procession, keeping their deal with hidden and you may keeps Celia hostage in front of everybody in the kingdom as soon as alot more asks Celia on the this lady genuine thinking (telepathically), stating that she actually is essential him, and then he will not see the woman dignity are trampled when he only is around. (Frequency 5)

Afterward, Rio requires the woman within his worry, during which the lady emotions to have your continue broadening more powerful toward point where she profoundly falls in love with your, getting envious when she learned Aishia and you may Rio slept inside the an identical bed. Aishia helps Celia and you may tells their to sleep together with them therefore all the step three simply have to bed together that she agrees but states one she actually is just creating to help you track Rio and Aishia. Rio is shocked whenever Celia bluntly stated that she trusts Rio and you will believes he wouldn’t lie in order to this lady as he try going to disclose his reincarnation to their, a well known fact that renders him feel good. Aisha was also happy at the fact that Celia got acknowledged all the corners of Rio. (Volume 6)

In the event she experienced somewhat conflicted of the fact that much of Rio’s loved ones have been cute ladies, (Sara, Alma, Orphia, Miharu, etc.) she felt happy you to Rio is actually surrounded by for example enjoying people and you may friends in lieu of into the fresh new academy. (Volume nine)

However, you’re crucial too, Teacher Celia. If the Amakawa Haruto’s teens buddy was Miharu, next Rio’s teens friend is Celia Claire. That’s what I believe, no less than”, hinting you to Rio may also has actually thinking to own Celia as the Amakawa Haruto was in love having Miharu. (Regularity eleven)

Flowers Beltram [ ]

Due to their background on the Beltrum kingdom (incorrectly billed) Rio may be very wary of Flowers. Meanwhile, he has got no grudge up against Blooms when he knows she performed perhaps not body type him on the backyard exercise, the guy expected to never meet with the lady (volume seven). Blossoms ‘s the basic that throughout the Beltrum empire in order to suspect Rio’s new disguise. While in the his weeks on academy, Flowers was unfortunate viewing the therapy Rio obtained on the nobles and constantly wished to keep in touch with your. Blossoms features great admiration to possess Rio.

Christina Beltrum [ ]

Rio very first fulfilled Christina on the slums since she was appearing on her behalf abducted Blooms. She didn’t can get in touch with preferred some one and slapped your while the she noticed the guy kidnapped the girl cousin. In their time at academy, she stopped conversing with him and you may didn’t contradict framing your to own the newest backyard exercise incident. Years after, she fits Rio from the feast regarding Galarc kingdom to present the fresh new character Satsuki, and you can even after becoming noticed by Arbor faction, privately thanked your getting preserving the woman brother within the Amande. Rio matches along with her again as he accompanies Celia in order to Creia. Enjoying brand new faith ranging from Rio and you will Celia, she suspects Amakawa Haruto to be Rio, an uncertainty affirmed by the Reiss afterwards.

The relationship which have Rio is fairly personal and possess amicable. Gigi usually foretells Rio, she and additionally gets currency so you can Rio for eating in the morning, Gigi usually observe Rio like this. Regrettably, Gigi ended up being killed from the a masked son, the woman corpse facing Rio made Rio must vomit.

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