What to Look for in a Pheromone Fragrance

What to Look for in a Pheromone Fragrance

True Sexiness

True Sexiness is a potent, fast-acting perfume that enables women to attract men or attract women, whichever you prefer. It amplifies your natural pheromones to increase your body’s chemical sex appeal.

You can try these pheromones for 365 days risk-free. If they don’t work, the company will fully refund your purchase.

True Sexiness only contains two human grade pheromones: copulin and estratetraenol. Unlike pheromones for men, this formula uses the best pheromones specific to women that work invisibly to manipulate human behavior.

A pheromone cologne like True Sexiness can revive your sex life and boost your confidence in and out of the bedroom. This product increases your partner’s attraction and helps you capture the attention of men wherever you go. It works well either for hookups or for long-term relationships.

You can get two cologne types-vanilla body spray or an unscented version that you can mix with whatever fragrant oil you prefer. The pheromones last 8-10 hours.

Primal Women

Primal Women takes you back to the animal kingdom and helps you attract whoever you desire, especially men. Many users appreciate its confidence-enhancing aroma on themselves just as much as the ones they attract do. It also comes in a mini-version so you can use it on the go, wherever you need it.

Androstenol and copulins combine to bring you powerful attraction driven by pure instinct. With this unique formula, you will enjoy yourself.

Primal Women enhances your natural sex appeal–increasing your confidence levels, opening people up to talk to you, and encouraging intimacy. It can bring more excitement to all stages of your relationships.

This fragrant mist attracts all genders, and it’s not geared solely toward men as many other pheromone colognes are. You may attract women, too.

Primal Women has an unscented formula, though it does exhibit both sweet and sour notes from the pheromones. However, the cologne has no added fragrance, allowing you to experiment with adding your own as you like. These pheromones can help you project, for 6-8 hours, the image you want that special person to have of you.

Everyone searches for the best pheromones for different reasons. It helps to have an image of what effect you might want to have on men since no two brands will have the same impact. Some will attract both sexes, while others are intended for only men. Here are some things you should consider when buying pheromones to attract men.

Pheromone Concentration

While all pheromones act as a natural aphrodisiac, one blend’s hormone content won’t necessarily be identical to that of other brands. Make sure you have all the information about the products you’re considering, including the formulas of chemicals and pheromones they use to help you attract a lover.

Many companies make pheromones perfume for both sexes, but many of those for men contain more androstenone and similar chemicals. As the alpha hormone, androstenone does not always work for men the way copulin with notes of subtle sweet aroma does for women. When you consider humans as animals, pheromones tap into our more primal instincts.

According to PheromoneAuthority, some pheromone-based perfumes have a high pheromone concentration, which means they can enhance your desired image or, if too strong, make a person uncomfortable for a reason they don’t understand. You want something that hits the right notes without being overpowering and scaring away your ideal person.


Frequently, pheromone colognes have fragrances, but not all do, and each one can show advantages. With a few brands, a fragrant additive may enhance the effect of the cologne. Another may mask the effect of the natural sexual attraction fragrance.

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